17 June 2008

Another wasted day...

Or at least, so it seems. The only thing I achieved today was finding a BNC cable for detecting the z-signal with the QPD. My afternoon, after spending one and a half hours in town over lunch, was filled with, if I'm honest, looking at tents. What a complete waste.

Oh, I must remember to go down and take the laser key out and turn the galvos off before I leave today.

This morning, I decided that half the time the QPD is even detecting particle motion as the signal looks rather similar when there is no particle trapped. Also, that laser trap really needs to be optimised; perfectly trapped particles just fall out of the trap as and when they choose. Frustrating.

Plan: I will spend all day in the lab tomorrow and get this QPD sorted.

That's it. I've had my fill. I just seem to fiddle with the focussing lens, record QPD signals and process them with Matlab, to discover the data is useless. What am I doing wrong?! Why am I so stupid? Super is going to wonder what the hell I've been doing... the viva examiners might even wonder what I've done since I submitted my first year report! Aaaaaah! And I would have an almost non-existent answer to give any of those people.


So R will get his Europe visa upon satisfying their condition; that he faxes them a copy of all his travel, flight, accommodation details, etc. by June 27th. We are still yet to book the initial flights and he is mixing up the dates here and there, talking about changing flight dates. Well, what can I do? Pfft. Anyway, in terms of locations/countried, the plan now is;
  • 9 days in Benicassim, Spain
  • 4 days in Valencia, Spain
  • 5 or 6 days in Nice, France
  • 5 or 6 days in Rome, Italy
I'm not 100% sure on the dates in France and Italy. Oh and his twin siblings; E & A, are coming with us too, looking to join us in Valencia! :D

My tummy is making funny noises and the french is going very well (tres bien). According to Michel Thomas, I have completed the introductory course (the first 2 discs) and should be very proud of myself. *smug face* I might learn some more of that when I go home.

The dress fitting went well. V took her wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress home. Ah, that reminds me, I wanted to look at train prices and times to Bangor. I found a pink dress at home for being a je muis at Y's wedding but I am not sure if I am happy with it. I need to find some accessories and shoes. I need to get a few more things for the 'Nurses' hen night this Saturday e.g. fishnets! Oh and I bought a pair of jelly shoes when I was at home, I love them but R thinks they look like pink fish.

That's it for now. I am going to examine a little more theory and maybe figure out exactly where this focussing lens should go. Ohhhh what a retard I am. Who am I kidding, I'm probably just going to procrastinate some more and then go home and do nothing.

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