11 June 2008

First year report

So on May 30th, my first year report was due. I rushed a little at the end to get things done on time, only to discover that the deadline was relatively flexible. I bound the three copies (one each for Super and the two examiners; one of which is my advisor) and then Friday afternoon, Super and my advisor were nowhere to be found. In the end, I didn't give in my report until the Tuesday but I was glad it was finished. 

In all honesty, apart from the literature review -- which can always use improvement -- I feel I did my best. I didn't have any results apart from a section I termed 'prelimary results' i.e. absolute jack, so I didn't have very much to say on any experimental aspects of my research so far. Now my viva is getting lined up -- provisionally booked for Monday June 23rd -- and I am dreading it, big time. The only bonus will be that the boyfriend (R) and I have the same second examiner would you believe! Crazy. But that's what comes from doing a PhD. in the same department albeit different research groups. His viva is tomorrow so he will gladly fill me in on the sort of things they ask. That could be good preparation. He really has nothing to worry about though, I do. His research so far is excellent and his report looked and read great. His name was on a paper before he'd even started his PhD. and an abstract has now been submitted with him as principal author, a Nature conference no less. Oh I am so envious. I can't even get my calibrations sorted and the blame lies at my feet really. The measure of success for PhD. students is definately publications and so far, I have been rather unsuccessful. :( I will get there, if and when I pull my finger out.

So now my report is sorted, I can get back to getting my equipment to work. There is still plenty of procrastination, largely sat at my desk doing nothing productive, so my equipment doesn't work yet but... I have faith. *sigh* Who am I kidding?

Well that's my update for now.

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