20 June 2008

Gimmie the z

Or 'zee' as they pronounce it in American.

So I am just about to process some data from the QPD that now contains data from the z-signal... dun dun dun *really long time passes as Matlab loads and has to process* ...

Aaaand it's complete rubbish as I probably could have predicted. Hmm I really am at a loss what to do now and my motivation is a little shot after the emotional and family stuff going on of late. Plus, it's Friday.

Viva on Tuesday, like I could forget although I did write down the time wrong in my diary but I would have just been an hour early anyway. I went to see Super today to see if he had any general tips for my viva regarding my report... he hadn't even read the report. He said he had flicked through and it 'looked good'; I know it looks good, I always know how to achieve what looks good but what about the content? Throw me a frickin' bone here! However, he did give me a meaty little morsel, he actually printed off some questions/suggestions that the second examiner, Dr W, had e-mailed to him after reading my report. Ooo thanks Super! He continued to give me the general guidance that I should be prepared to give a 5-10 minute summary of;
  • the research project and its aims
  • what I have spent my year doing and trying to achieve
  • what have I actually achieved
  • what are the future aims
He said they usually want to test your background physics, which for laser tweezers is momentum transfer for trapping dielectric particles via radiation pressure, tightly focussing the laser beam and possibly the theory of the calibration method. I understand all of that but parts may be a little shakey so I have my work cut out for me this weekend. I was going to go out tonight but I think R and I need to give one another a break this evening. Plus I have this hen night on Saturday so that's another day out of my viva-revision weekend.

I don't have all the things I need e.g. shoes, for this hen night actually so I may have to leave uni early this afternoon to try and find a pair. Oh and fishnets but I don't really want to wear them.

On a sidenote, my typing skills are getting pretty awesome! I don't need to look at the screen anymore, even when I make a mistake and even when I take my hands off the keyboard, I can easily find the right place again - it rocks!

And the French I here you ask ...?
  • My attempt : Le francais est alle bien!
  • Google Translate : Le fran├žais va bien
  • Translation: The french is going well!
Hmmm, grammar is somewhat troublesome.

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