13 June 2008

Gingerella doit apprendre le français...

So it's Friday afternoon and I am learning French. I'm not sure why I'm taking it up apart from the fact that R is learning it also, which I assume is driven by the fact that people in his family, including his father, are fluent in French. He downloaded some rather good audio CDs for learning it. At the moment, Michel Thomas keeps telling his 2 students off (particularly the American female) for guessing rather than thinking. I cringe for them.

And this is the CD cover, I feel better now I know what this man looks like. There are various resources out there to learn languages and I found stuff on the bbc website too but I much prefer the audio as it feels more interactive. I have more motivation as well because it feels competitive about who can learn it first between R and myself. I have always said I am rubbish at languages but I am beginning to change my mind as I am not doing too badly here. :) So what have I learnt so far?... (Excuse any missing accents, etc.)
  • J'regrete mais.. : I regret but...
  • Pour moi... : for me
  • Com ce, com ca : like this, like that
He will focus on a particular turn of phrase and then use it to incorporate that into sentences and it just builds. For 'It is not' or 'It's not', the phrase sounds like 'c'nest pas' but I'm not 100% on the spelling. Well, I shall keep you updated on the French progress (or progrès), possibly incorporating new words I have learnt so I remember the vocabulary. I think that's an excellent idea.

I am off home this weekend, as the fitting is 12pm tomorrow. I shall go home now, pack, and just head to the train station. I wasn't originally going to take my laptop but I think it might be a good idea now and then I can learn French! Woo!

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