11 June 2008


And so begins the first post of my new blog. I am mega excited!

Blogging isn't exactly new for me, I've had personal blogs before; one at Xanga (which I cannot fathom how to import here!) and attempted to keep one at a silly excuse for a social networking website but have since closed that account. So, a new leaf shall be turned over and from scratch I shall begin. No, I am not yoda.

Writing about my life isn't exactly new to me either, I've had a diary (or journal?) since I was about 10 years old, if not before. However, at the age of 13, my diary-keeping days came crashing down, after my sister read my secrets and promptly blabbed them to the 'rents! I vowed never to keep a diary again. But, I just couldn't keep away and, after a diary-writing stint from 2003-2004-ish, I made the transition to virtual and electronic diary in 2005.

So, most of you won't know much about me. Here's a few fundamentals you should know and should expect from this blog;
  • I'm ginger: I think the title of the blog was a bit of a giveaway. I should give credit for the coining of Gingerella to a friend, though.
  • Me me me: I'm not at all self-absorbed but this place is mine so hey, I think it should be about me and my life!
  • Privacy is held very dear to my heart and so I shall endeavour to keep the identities of the people I talk about secret
  • Time-keeping -- or rather blog-keeping -- isn't one of my best qualities, so big jumps in time between some posts should probably be anticipated!
And what not to expect?
  • Artsy-farty posts about art, poetry and song lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind blogs like that, despite them feeling like the low-fat versions of a blog, and girl (or boy?) you keep doing your thing. In my teeny-bopping diary days, even I used to write about lyrics, feelings and... (OK, not poetry, but you get the point) but I've moved on from that now. I'm a grown up. That doesn't mean you should expect me to be completely sensible or there to be no curse words here!
  • Nitty-gritty: I'm going to try and be warts n' all with you guys but it's not easy; airing my dirty laundry with perfect strangers isn't something I'm used so don't expect me to tell you everything just yet. *wink* 
  • Physics isn't something I always like to talk about, despite having been doing a PhD for a year! So, you should shouldn't expect that, and if I start, you should definitely tell me off! As, let's face it, I come here to forget all about that stuff and inject some fun and normality back into my life. You might have to be on the receiving end of my PhD rants for the next 3 years, though! Wowsa... that sounds awful doesn't it.
  • Exciting stuff rarely happens in my life, so don't expect some mad, crazy, adventure-fuelled blog, it will mostly be about the mundane. But those are the kind of blogs I like the most!
Well, I hope you still feel like sticking around and aren't too disappointed!

Want to even more? Visit my About page.

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