13 July 2008

Bon Voyage!

So it's the night before and we're pretty much packed and ready to go. The bags feel quite heavy! Especially R's as his has the tent inside whilst I have my clothes and some of his. We've not long come back from a meal with my parents (they love R! I can tell.) as they drove up to bring me my brand spanking new debit card. Woo! I had to call Barclays and tell them I was going on holiday to Europe for 3 weeks otherwise I am 100% confident they would've stopped my card. They stopped R's card after he bought a few flights, train tickets and a set of backpacks. Barclays are rubbish! Anyway, I digress.

10 July 2008

08.07.08: T & Y's wedding - a Chinese wedding

So T (groom) and Y (bride)'s wedding was my first Chinese wedding and I was actually involved which was lovely. Let me first explain a few things (as I understand them) that may help;

1. Chinese weddings consist of the Chinese traditions in the morning and then the official wedding occurs, usually in a registry office.
2. The groom is allowed to see the Bride before the lawful ceremony and this can even been in her 'white' dress
3. The Groom has several 'brothers' or hing dai's but also a best man/men like English weddings
4. The Bride has severeal 'sisters' or gee mui's but also bridesmaids like English weddings

So Y asked me to be a gee mui, as I'd been friends with T for nearly 4 years and met Y that way and we'd hit it off straight away.

Often in Chinese weddings, the bride and groom choose the colour(s) that the hing dai's and gee muis have to wear. For T and Y's wedding, the hing dais wore purple ties and the gee muis had to wear pink dresses.

The day was very long and consisted of me getting up at 6 am, getting ready, getting a cab to Y's house where the two bridesmaid and another gee mui already were. I just sat around whilst they got ready and finally the rest of the gee muis arrived although I wasn't that well acquintated with a couple of them. The first of the Chinese traditions began;

07 July 2008

05.07.08 : S & V's wedding

So Saturday was S & V's wedding and my sister is now Mrs W. Weird. It was a jam packed weekend full of cake, music, family and stress!

Day & night before
So R and I arrived into Bangor around 12.30 pm ish and S & V met us at the train station. We then went straight to the Victoria Hotel to check in and see our room. In the car park we saw L, K and their new baby boy RJ so there were introductions. V had left some little gifts in our room including candles, shower gel, flannel and hairspray with a letter that said "just incase you forgot anything." Sweet! Especially as I had actually forgotten shower gel. The room was lovely; we had a balcony with a gorgeous view! So they left and let R and I chill for a bit. We looked around the room, went up to my brother and his girlfriends; J and N's, room. They also had a lovely view and a set of extra bunk beds in their room! lol! We chatted for a while and then R and I went to get fish and chips and what gorgeous fish and chips they were. Sadly, I couldn't finish mine as I had to go with S, V and N to go pick up the 3 tier wedding cake and our friends (L) chocolate birthday cake that V had ordered. The car journey back to the hotel was a little stressful incase the cake got ruined but all arrived safe and sound!

02 July 2008

America, Austrailia, Canada or UK?

So on the news today was the news (har har) that Canada are looking for people, highly skilled workers in a range of different areas, to emmigrate to their country. More specifically it was to Alberta, Canada and for people who already have relatives there which I don't but it got me thinking about which country I'd like to emmigrate to as I have always wanted to move out of the UK, at least for a few years. I decided to look into the process a little when I got to my desk this morning and the emmigration requirements. I won't bore you with the details but my top 4 destinations for emmigration to would be;
  1. America
  2. Austrailia
  3. Canada
  4. UK