07 July 2008

05.07.08 : S & V's wedding

So Saturday was S & V's wedding and my sister is now Mrs W. Weird. It was a jam packed weekend full of cake, music, family and stress!

Day & night before
So R and I arrived into Bangor around 12.30 pm ish and S & V met us at the train station. We then went straight to the Victoria Hotel to check in and see our room. In the car park we saw L, K and their new baby boy RJ so there were introductions. V had left some little gifts in our room including candles, shower gel, flannel and hairspray with a letter that said "just incase you forgot anything." Sweet! Especially as I had actually forgotten shower gel. The room was lovely; we had a balcony with a gorgeous view! So they left and let R and I chill for a bit. We looked around the room, went up to my brother and his girlfriends; J and N's, room. They also had a lovely view and a set of extra bunk beds in their room! lol! We chatted for a while and then R and I went to get fish and chips and what gorgeous fish and chips they were. Sadly, I couldn't finish mine as I had to go with S, V and N to go pick up the 3 tier wedding cake and our friends (L) chocolate birthday cake that V had ordered. The car journey back to the hotel was a little stressful incase the cake got ruined but all arrived safe and sound!

I went back to my room to chill for a while and then V and I went to get our nails done. The nails themselves only took about an hour but I had left R on his own for nearly 2 hours. I thought he'd be happy occupying himself and he'd chosen to fall asleep watching the tennis. I get a text whilst getting my french manicure; "I just had 6 of your cousins knock on the door asking for you. I had no idea who they were or what to say, told them you were gettin your nails done." It turned out to be the H'ton family. Bless him. Again, we chilled some more in our room and then went down for dinner in the hotel restaurant with the H'ton's and V. J and N didn't come as they'd already eaten and paid the price for dinner the night before. Little 4 year old B was sick at the table though and for a little toddler, that was a lot of vomit (please excuse the graphic nature of that comment) .Then the P family didn't get there till after 9 pm (so we promptly bought out the chocolate birthday cake for L) . Mom, dad and my little brother J arrived around 10 pm. Couldn't wait for them to get there so was happy to see them. I got annoyed because people seem to love making comments about how mean, sarcastic and even nasty I am including my own sister. I can actually be really nice ya know! This was all followed by how much I love to stuff my face with chocolate cake - argh! I got my piece of cake but got up to go help mom and dad with their stuff so had only eaten half of it. When I came back, I took the only extra seat; next to the cake and retrieved my slice to carry on eating; "Jen! Is that your second piece?!" "No! I got up from the table, this is still the same piece!" I quickly finished the piece I had; "There, all happy now? I cannot even eat one piece in peace." So I had a few drinks and that was really the end of the night. Lovely for me to go to sleep annoyed.

Hair & make-up
Then it was up early to go and have the breakfast which was very nice, R certainly enjoyed it which I was glad about. The hairdresser was there for 11 am-ish so I showered and dried my hair. Then she basically made me look like orphan Annie; my hair in ringlets and up around my head. But she combed it out a little (after which I looked like a ginger Sandy from Grease minus the leather jacket and pants; this was happily echoed by some family guests later on) and assured me it would drop. It did eventually drop later on. Then the make-up lady got involved and I really didn't like it. L could tell I didn't like it. The mascara was an absolute state! I never put mascara on my bottom lashes and they were covered in the stuff, when I looked in the mirror there was no big smile on my face and I just pulled off the mascara on my bottom lashes. She had just draw on my eyebrows rather than shade them in. As soon as the make-up woman left, I ran upstairs, wiped off my pageant girl style blusher, curled my eyelashes and shaded my eyebrows into their real shape! Foolish woman. Then I went back to V's room, touched up my DIY french pedicure and waited for her hair and make-up to be done (which looked stunning by the way). Finally, at 1.30 pm we got her into and dress and I began lacing her. It was quicker than I had thought it was going to be. I was getting really nervous. I finally put my dress on and all our jewellery and accessories etc. and got ready to go down.

As I said, I was getting really nervous but V wasn't bothered (she must've been fibbing - how can you not be nervous on your wedding day?) but I think I was nervous as I had to walk down the aisle first. I was also conscious of them getting the carefullt planned music wrong but all of that went fine, although I was walking way too quick. I was grinning so much during the ceremony as I was really happy for them but my mom was crying bless her. My mom though S was crying as he saw V walk up the aisle but he assured us he was just sweating - what, out of your eyes?! lol! The ceremony was rather quick, S, V, V's best friend and I signed the register , everyone took lots of pictures in a hot conservatory and they were then walking back out of to the party room!

My speech
So it was time for food and party but I still couldn't relax as my speech was after the 3/4 course dinner. It was such a lovely meal as well but I was just too nervous and I felt sick about my speech that I couldn't eat it all or even enjoy it. Even the strawberries and cream desert or the wedding cake, which was a beautiful green to match my bridesmaid dress and tasted lovely! So two members of S' family gave a speech, one of whom couldn't get to the end because she cried and couldn't talk (staged!) I thought great, I've gotta follow this. They all massively applauded her and I though oh great, they think that's the end of the speeches and I've gotta follow that. Then I made a mistake and introduced myself as Jennifer's sister! Cringe! I couldn't look up because I was too shy and embarrassed and because I was pretty much reading it, I knew I should've practiced it more. Ah well, as soon as I sat down I downed my glass of asti! haha!

Now was finally time for party. I had more cake, more asti and then we went outside to take pictures. It wasn't long before it began to rain a little so we came back inside. We had to move into the conservatory whilst they cleared the banquet room and get ready for disco. R and I went on a little wonder to get some cash though and then went for a nap upstairs; I was so tired! We came back down around 8 pm ish and got some drinks. The party was really fun, lots of dancing and drinking. R and I went and sat outside, talking to each other in silly accents. Then somehow that turned into a little disagreement about something not even that important. We soon got over it though and I watched him get excited about us being on and island away from "The Mainland" haha! Sweet. We got pretty drink that night, I shed some tears at the end of the evening, probably from the emotional build-up and because of my brothers off the cuff comment.

Day after
We just about made it down for breakfast the next morning at 9 am. I couldn't eat very much and was slightly hungover despite telling the others I was just 'tired'. Then we got ready and I held baby RJ; he is beautiful and such a good baby. We all eventually checked out and went to S and V's house but R and I went for a wonder along Beaumaris front and high street. R was very impressed. On the way back to the house we saw mom and Mrs P so we went back up the high street with them and went for a drink and either scones or toasted teacake. On the way back we went into one of those typical tat holiday shops but R found a straw hat for holiday and we have found a holiday mascot; a beanie green and black frog that we have christened Beni (for Benicassim). He will come with us everywhere and shall be in all the scenery shots somehow. Not long after getting back to S and V's, R and I went to get our train and got KFC back in Manchester Piccadilly train station. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow that night.

And that's that. Congrats Mr and Mrs W! It made me look forward to when I get married. The next one is T and Y's wedding on Tuesday, that will be a very long day and a new experience as it's a Chinese wedding.

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