02 July 2008

America, Austrailia, Canada or UK?

So on the news today was the news (har har) that Canada are looking for people, highly skilled workers in a range of different areas, to emmigrate to their country. More specifically it was to Alberta, Canada and for people who already have relatives there which I don't but it got me thinking about which country I'd like to emmigrate to as I have always wanted to move out of the UK, at least for a few years. I decided to look into the process a little when I got to my desk this morning and the emmigration requirements. I won't bore you with the details but my top 4 destinations for emmigration to would be;
  1. America
  2. Austrailia
  3. Canada
  4. UK

Obviously, the UK doesn't really count that's why I've stuck it there at the bottom. It's also 4th because my choices seem to be very simply and naively based on where I would like to go on holiday. Despite not really knowing how I would assess if a country was suitable for emmigration to i.e. livable, I at least know you shouldn't base it (solely) on whether it's sunny or has good shopping and eateries.

The chance to have a different lifestyle plus another nationality/passport? Gimmie! Having a PhD would probably stand me in pretty good stead. It's a few years off before I get it (if I get it) but it's still nice to think about. R said he won't live in this country after he's finished. I was a little =( at first but then, I've always wanted to move to a different country after I finish and with his passport issues (i.e. not really having a good one) it's something that's very attractive to him. Almost every country is quicker and easier to get a passport from than the UK. My dad had always wanted to emmigrate to Canada and when I was 13, our family seriously considered it but it didn't happen. We should've just gone.

Our Europe plans keep changing but the previous post will always be up to date as I will just go back and edit it. I am not that excited yet but I think that's because the wedding (well, in fact two of them but my sisters is the more important one) comes before the travelling.

I am getting excited about V's wedding. My speech is written - still need to practise it - and everything else for me is all sorted. I need to put all the ceremonial and first dance music onto CDs tonight. I don't think she has got much left to do now. The table plan is being made and delivered so we're waiting on that. The cake will be finished Friday and will be picked up from the bakery when R and I get there. She is having her FT done today where as I stick to DIY. I started FT*'ing up this morning in time for the wedding. It should only take about 3 coats for me to get the colour I want and the first was this morning so it's in good time. Then just nails and balloons on Friday and table decorations on Saturday morning.

Wow I feel rather superficial taking about FT but who cares.

Not got much to say about the PhD work at the moment. I have been a little slack the last few days with sorting out anything for V or Europe. The worst thing is I feel like I still can't be all that bothered after my viva. This weekend, the holiday, the summer, etc. are just calling to me and zapping my motivation buuuuuut I shall get back to it. Optimisim.


*FT = Fake Tan

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