13 July 2008

Bon Voyage!

So it's the night before and we're pretty much packed and ready to go. The bags feel quite heavy! Especially R's as his has the tent inside whilst I have my clothes and some of his. We've not long come back from a meal with my parents (they love R! I can tell.) as they drove up to bring me my brand spanking new debit card. Woo! I had to call Barclays and tell them I was going on holiday to Europe for 3 weeks otherwise I am 100% confident they would've stopped my card. They stopped R's card after he bought a few flights, train tickets and a set of backpacks. Barclays are rubbish! Anyway, I digress.

All the accommodation is yet to be sorted; we have 4 or 5 days in France that we have no travel or hostels booked for. We're considering Monaco, Antibes and anywhere else that's close. We'll get it sorted I'm sure.

We have to be up early, like 4 am, to be out of the house by around 5.30 am but pretty much everything is packed so we should be OK. So I think I will get my head down in preparation for this holiday extravaganza but in the mean time here is an itinerary of what's planned...

~ Mediterranean Europe 2008 ~
July 14th 08
depart: Manchester, UK
arrive: Benicassim, Spain
9 nights camping in Benicassim & festival

July 23rd
depart: Benicassim, Spain
arrive: Valencia, Spain
2 nights in Valencia

July 25th
depart: Valencia, Spain
arrive: Barcelona, Spain
2 nights in

July 27th
depart: Barcelona, Spain
arrive: Nice, France
6 nights in France, definately 3 nights in Nice

August 2nd
depart: France
arrive: Rome, Italy
3 nights in Rome

August 5th
depart: Rome, Italy
arrive: Manchester, UK
back home... :(
I think most of it is the same as in previous posts.

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