09 September 2008

09.09.08, Tuesday

This is probably going to be long...

Despite me thinking I am in such a bad -- not even bad, maybe unhappy, sad, fed up? -- mood that I didn't think I had anything to say, I shall no doubt babble on for an age.

I'm beginning to wish I hadn't made this blog so public (i.e. posting it on my facebook profile as well as on my old Xanga blog that I don't use anymore) as I feel restricted about what I can say, and how honest I can be. Anything I may deem remotely acceptable for others to read, I have to fathom a way to encode it so that only very few will understand. Or maybe, I should just let it all hang loose...?

More Kodak photos arrived this morning.* That's another 30 to add to my previous 20 and the quality of all are very good. I think I would even pay for the prints themselves next time. I realised I chose to have a lot of the European holiday photos printed so I'm glad I did mix it up a little with some others from various balls, my sisters wedding and general ones. The plan was to show them to R at lunch after mentioning they'd arrived but I forgot and he didn't ask so I suppose they're of no real interest.

My lunch today wasn't that enjoyable and I shall no doubt feel awful and guilty about it for at least the next 24 hours. Being a b*tch, or close, doesn't always mean I come away unscathed, you know. Well, I wasn't that hungry anyway but I am craving my standard snickers bar now.

Working in my office seems to have become a thing of the past these days -- and no doubt my colleagues think I'm slacking, and maybe I am -- but I cannot seem to work in there anymore. I have opted for either at home or the Physics or Chemistry computer clusters. Why Physics randomly select which days and times to lock their computer cluster is beyond me. So today, I am sat in Chemistry with lovely frosted glass divides between each workstation but not much desk space. I miss my office desk for that.

This screen is too far away. That's better. This computer is also making rather funny noises.

Complete programming imbecile, that's what I am. I have been working on the same bit of Matlab coding, an m-file, for way too long for it to be considered academically acceptable. I'm almost a 2nd year, and the lack of research is just, quitle frankly, ridiculous and a joke. Super comes back next week I believe so I still have some time to make headway but I just feel completely useless and a complete academic/research loser. Nothing new there then and everyone can see that.

Camping was supposed to be on the cards this weekend but it may have been removed. I'm disappointed, to say the least. It sounds silly but I feel foolish too; it's yet another thing I've told someone (or people) that will or might be happening -- out of excitement, nothing else -- and it shall, yet again, be something that doesn't materialise. Disappointing doesn't convey the disappointment enough and thesaurus.com came up with little else except unimpressive. That's unimpressive.

One piece of good news is that I have a new swipe card. SSC issued it today and it was easy peasey to get as well. Perhaps, all that had gone before was simply due to a breakdown in communication. Whether mine or theirs, I shall not ponder (admit).

I've subscribed to a new blog, called Cake Wrecks. It was actually featured in Blogger's Blogs of Note but despite most of them never really floating my boat, this one had me hooked. I think it's because I like cake so much.

People who play I'm-dumb-and-don't-know-what-you-are-quite-clearly-asking-or-implying are really infuriating!


*Kodak were offering 20 free prints when you join their Kodak Gallery online so of course, I jumped at that. I then signed up with a different e-mail address where I was offered 30 free prints! I got to ordering straight away. The only payment required was for the postage, £1.39, bargain!

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