24 September 2008

*Boing Boing*

Revelation: I am going to join my university's Trampolining Club (UMTC)!

And that's probably what's gonna happen! >>

I planned to do it last year and the year before but the fear that I may no longer be any good at trampolining put me off. It didn't help either that informing others of my evenings on a stretched out elastic canvas may make me look ever more un-cool in addition to the Physics PhD But that's it, I'm sucking it up and I'm joining. *Yay me*

I shall leave my lab between 3 and 3:30 pm and head over to the Sports fair where I reckon I'll just have to write my name and e-mail address down. I am prepared for the anti-climax but still I cannot push aside the fear of them straight away knowing me for a second year postgraduate student -- my 6th year at this university no less -- trying to slum it with some freshers and someone who would probably be awful at the sport. I used to do it in school, I swear. Do I care? Er...yeh, but no. I'll see if I can ge some freebies from Freshers Fair if I can even get in the building. I might then leave early as I need to do at least two loads of laundry -- I have no clothes left for Londinium this weekend or in general-- and I might even pop to town to spend money I don't have on things I don't need. Oh joy!

E-mailed Super yesterday and he got back to me today. He's back from Costa Rican rainforest, it was great and he's not free for a meeting until next Friday. That's coolio, it gives me more uninterrupted time to get down to some work and produce some sodding results. Stop procrastinating then!

The laser won't trap any of the particles in my sample. They are indeed all stuck to the surface of the coverslip or microscope slide meaning I need to make new samples but the fact that the solutions are all old and dwindling is rendering them useless. My DIY version of sonification, i.e. shake your sample so vigorously in your hand that the sample nearly shoots all over the room and yourself, is really not very effective. I'm reluctant to bring this up to get swipe card access to the liquid crystal lab as I may face my ex-second Super who would wonder what the hell I have been doing for a year?! She initially wanted results and a paper by the summer. That's right, the one just gone. *sigh* I haven't seen her since. I've failed.

In other news, I am fully academically and financially registered, finally. It is now just time to look foward to my stipend payments which have gone up by 2.7% this year. Hmm inflation itself is ~4.7% but I appreciate the gesture. Luckily my rent (which includes all my bills except BT telephone and Sky TV & Broadband) has stayed the same so I won't have to worry much about inflation there.

I must remember to check if my landlord has sorted out the TV license and our tax exemption that I got letters about last week.

*Gingerella prays she doesn't chicken out of joining UMTC!*


  1. Hi Gingerella, read some more on your blog, very cool. Did your register? How did it go? I hope all is well... Looking forward to the latest posts...

  2. Hi Alex!

    Thanks a lot for reading more.

    Yeh I did go to the trampolining club, for the starter session, but I didn't really like it that much so I am just going to stick with singing in the choir. I don't really have time for two societies anyway.

    Thanks for asking!

    Gingerella x