18 September 2008


I am losing my motivation again today. I have Matlab working on my laptop now though, as long as I am signed into the University's VPN software. It's brilliant that the uni now provide Matlab for free with a site license. I have installed it both on my laptop (which was glitchy at first) and my uni computer, which is still glitchy but I have discovered the solution;
That should stop the program from refusing to open. I shall find out tomorrow. By the way, does anyone know how I can display code on my blog, i.e. the html tags for doing so?

So today I have been trying to code so that my M-file will fit a Lorentzian to my Fourier Transformed data to create the Power Spectral Density (PSD) I want. I am still unsure how to get the corner frequency from the graph though. I could go into details but I won't until I have figured it out.

I haven't heard from Super since he returned from Costa Rica. They did discover a pregnant female of the frog they were looking for, thought to be extinct, and he performed some OCT and spectroscopic measurements on it. I've heard he hasn't been in his office this week and he hasn't e-mailed me about a meeting tomorrow (I should probably e-mail him) so I will drop by his office tomorrow. If not, we can have a meeting sometime next week although it can't be the usual Friday morning as R and I are off to London on Thursday night to celebrate his brothers' birthday who lives down there. I still have nothing to really say to him though.

My research failing has made my eye wonder and I noticed a job on the physicsworld website today that I think I would enjoy; Science writer/editor for Optics & Laser Europe. I have been saying for a while that, right now, a writing or editing position for a scientific journal/magazine would be my ideal job. I really enjoy reading, writing and editing. Whilst I shall perservere with my PhD for now (lol) I decided I will look into getting into some form of writing or editing in my spare time. So, watch this space.

I went to the Graduate Research Conference yesterday. The food was excellent; seafood, prawns, spring rolls, cream covered scones and custard buns. I was in heaven! The research wasn't so interesting though and I went to hardly any talks as they weren't relevant to my research. I wish I could say opting out of seeing the presentations was productive but I spent the entire day trying to get Matlab to work on my office computer and installing Windows SP3. *sigh*

Nevermind. Maybe tomorrow will be an ultra-productive day. *fingers crossed*

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