01 September 2008

I'm a loser!


I have managed to lose my debit card, again! Along with my active student card, i.e. the one that permits access to my building and my lab, and £10 after a night out in 42's. I supposedly cried in the taxi on the way home (I know I was 'happy crying' in 42s whilst talking to R's best mate S, as he was saying such sweet things about R and I), but in the taxi it could have only been about losing my debit card, again. I shall have to buy a new library card which I think costs £10. Last time I didn't have to as it was stolen (I'm 99% sure it was) but this time I cannot pretend it was stolen, 1. because of my own conscience - it's a lie - and 2. because they probably have the previous theft on the system, it would just look too sus'. Anyway, I cancelled my debit card yesterday and went into the bank today to withdraw money with my passport and change my address to my Manchester address; I'm too ashamed to tell my mom I lost my debit card again. I am not normally this much of a loser, R's absent-mindedness must be rubbing off on me.

Minus that, the weekend was really good as most of R's friends came to visit (majority male), we had a barbecue and played lots of Mario Kart and other games on the Wii. Some very funny moments including R and E's shoe fight competition which we entitled "A Good Shoein'" and generated rules for. I think R won!

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