08 September 2008

Unadulterated rant

peeved PG Student

Student Serviced Centre (SSC)
The University of Wankchester

Dear Student Services Centre (SSC),

how difficult can it be to understand that my swipe card doesn't work because some of the magnetic strip is missing?

When I say 'I want a replacement swipe card', that is exactly what I want, a replacement. I understand that you cannot give me a swipe card valid until 2010 without me (my School) paying my fees so I am not asking for that. Nor am I asking for access to nuclear weapons, Tony Blair's secrets on the WMD's or China's state secrets. I am just asking for a piece of plastic that will grant me access to what is rightfully mine; my labs!
If it were not for the missing portions of the magnetic strip, my card would be validated until September 21st anyway so you should be able to issue me one until then, at least. There is no way I can wait until September 22nd, or later (October!), to continue my research. I refuse to.

And yes I have been granted access to those labs, for over a year now. I do not need to check that. It is the swipe card. I can see the white speck in the middle of the massive magnetic strip a mile away! You won't even let me buy a new one!

Oh and thank you for making me look like a complete imbecile by me e-mailing the PG secretary to be finally told 'We can't issue you with a new card here in the School.' That I am aware of but you, my School, pay my fees and they, the SSC, haven't received my fees. So excuse me for putting two and two together and getting FOUR! Argh!

I am coming back in to see you, SSC and am not leaving until you give me a working card.

No love at all,



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  1. you can be furious gin!
    but this is rightfully so... very well put post!