23 September 2008


This week -- ignore the fact that it's only Tuesday morning -- I have triumphed and although the triumphs may seem miniscule and insignificant, Tesco had it right;

So, I now have Matlab working on my laptop and my office computer, internet in my lab (which is where I am currently updating from. It rocks!) and my Novell login now works again so that I can access my University hard drive. Much better.

Regarding Matlab, in my previous blog entry Derailed, the Matlab code for creating a new environment variable was correct but seeing as Matlab refused to open, it was useless. Following further research, I discovered a far easier way of creating a new environment variable in Windoze;
  • Click the Start Menu to begin
  • Navigate to Control Panel > System (you may need to swith to Classic view)
  • Click the Advanced tab and select the 'Environment variables' button towards the bottom
  • Select 'New' and type in the corresponding boxes;
Variable name : MATLAB_RESERVE_LO
Variable value : 0
  • Click 'OK' and you're done.
Yes, I know it's not interesting, and definately not worthy of a blog entry but I am constantly searching for Windoze solutions and it can be a real struggle to find them. So for anyone out there like me, there ya go. Ohhh no need to thank me, it was my pleasure. Oh really, you are too kind. I just....

OK. Stop.

What else warrants the label of 'updatus'? Oh, I know. After living in my lovely flat for over a year now and having signed the contract to stay there until Summer 2009, I think I want to live somewhere else next year. I would prefer being closer to people, mainly other students, and better public transport, shops, clubs, bars, etc. and seen as R is primely located in the most student-y zone in Manchester; Fallowfield, I thought why not there? Living in the centre of town would be too expensive and whilst I would be closer to people, better transport, and all that named above, I would be further from R and our friends. I lived in Fallowfield in my first year (many (a mere 5) moons ago) and in hindsight, it was a wonderful area for a student to live in. I see that now, I just didn't take advantage of it back then. Oh how stuck up I was. Tut tut.

The major problem with this location change will be finding someone to live with. The girl I currently live with; another PhD candidate in the sciences from Nigeria, is great to live with and I was incredibly lucky having found her the way I did; an online forum where students search for housemates and accommodation. It really could have worked out a lot worse and I doubt I would be as lucky a second time but I shall not be 'so negative'. I have considered not going down the flat/apartment route and downgrading to a houseshare, as there are an abundance available in Fallowfield, but if it's not broke, why fix it? Plus, there are some very nice and well located flats.

Finally, updatus-wise, I haven't found much in terms of writing or editing in my spare time. I had a quick browse of my University's student newspaper website but the only positions available were for a web developer (who isn't looking for one of those these days?) and a cartoonist; I cannot draw people to save my life. But I shall keep looking.

Oh and I am enjoying 'The Queen's Fool', I am two thirds of the way through now.

Must remember to e-mail Super about having a meeting on Thursday, if not, next week. Must remember to do work before it lol.

That will do. Adious amigos.

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