28 October 2008

Blog Design

I've spent a lot of time using Inkscape (the free alternative to Photoshop) to redesign my blog and what I've got so far, I don't really like;

Firstly, a 'blue shades' blog design, the inspiration for which came from The Blog of Doug Cloud.

Overall, I like it and although I am simple, this is just too simple; boring in fact!

There was also a hitch with the background and overlap so it's just white for now but it should have looked like this.

I said firstly but I haven't got any other complete designs, just bits and bobs. So back to the drawing board I suppose. I might keep the little Gingerella characature as it's quite cute. I shall post more designs when I have some.


  1. I think it's pretty cool. Maybe I'll play around with it for mine :) But chances are I'll keep mine simple, because sometimes I'm lazy :)

  2. Thanks!

    I'm not sure why I'm obssessed with changing it to be honest. I should just leave it as it is and get on with my mountain of work rather than trying to be 'cooler' all the time.

  3. I think it is neat. Don't be too crazy about being too simple or boring. Sometimes less is more. Take a look at some of the carnage on MySpace :/ Get on with your work!

  4. I guess your blog would look more personal that way - more "you" - maybe you just have some creative talents laying down inside you - so need to express kicks in - or maybe you are discovering your self that way too... I guess you know better.
    Actually I think new design looks more fun, less formal - more "Googly" I would say.