28 October 2008

First Follower!

Yay! I have my first follower - Rocket Fuel - incidientally a new blogger member, but I do actually already know him. Not the point; he's still a follower! :D *mini-celebration*

I am suffering today from my self-inflicted lactose ingestion. :( This one was mammoth by my proportions; a massive bowl of cereal with full fat milk (which R says could have been off), a dish of ice-cream and a chocolate bar! Almost immediately, my breathing was limited with slight chest pains then all through the night and still this morning I have stomach cramps. So I haven't left for university yet, it hurts too much at the moment. I shall probably go in for lunch time. Cue the guilt! Damn you, lactose intolerance, damn yooooou!

My blog design is coming along ('What? But, Gingerella, it looks no different here?' - Yup, that's because I'm testing it on a secret test blog.) but I am really not sure I like it. I think I will post a screen grab for you - if there's anyone out there - to tell me what you think.

OK I think that's all for now. Toodle-oo!


  1. *joins in mini celebration*

    I would have thought you would control your intake of such foods! I also share your pain to a lesser extent. Hurrah for soya milk, although someone told me soya stops men making babies. As in sterility, not actually conceiving.

  2. :( I hadn't realize I wasn't a follower of your blog, I put a link on my blog and I assumed I had followed as well :(

    I could have been the first...Sad day.

  3. It is strange you took in all those products knowing you are intolerant... Was it a way to cause some pain to yourself and maybe punish that way for something? I have noticed those small tendencies too in myself - never was sure where that came from... you know. I guess I need to talk about that with my therapist next time :)

  4. Alkuzn, it was more stupid than strange! lol!

    Nope, I didn't really want to hurt myself (although my reaction hasn't been this bad since I was a baby. I'm still suffering a little today.) I just like cereal, ice cream and chocolate, a lot! My body just doesn't.

  5. Well.. assuming you are normally not stupid - that still was strange :) The fact that you overindulged this time + your body's tough reaction to that at the same time - coincidence - you see what i mean? I did not mean you wanted to hurt your self - you just did :)