03 October 2008

Regeneration Project

My blog is currently undergoing a regeneration project i.e. I am trying to jazz it up and increase it's readability for the zero people that currently read it. Genius eh? *nods* I thought so too. Bound to pull the crowds in right?

Anyway, so far I have created seperate pages (Home, About and Contact) accessed using a tab navigation at the top. I've also added widgets for a search bar, automatic date display, twitter update status, custom RSS subscription logo and task management box from RememberTheMilk.com. Oh and I have an Admin Control widget but you can't see that, intentionally of course. *wink* Infact, most of it you can't see as it's still in the testing phase. I really want a completely new design. I may put together some design ideas and see what people like.

My biggest source of coding and tutorials has been BloggerBuster and if you're looking to do any of this kind of stuff, head over there. It's fab! I am still looking to create a tabbed navigation widget to go into the right sidebar so that I can save space and have Archives, Blogroll and Links all in one area. I tried the tutorial on BloggerBuster for that but it doesn't work yet. I shall perservere.

I tested all sorts of other widgets, visitor count and location, digital clock, tag cloud and many more but they didn't stick around long.

Once I've got it looking how I want it (and hopefully don't become fickle and want to change it to some other design) I shall post a 'proper' blog post.


  1. Hi Gingirella!
    I was looking for you on google - It was strage - I certainly had gingerella in my head and did not know what I was to look for so I went through 7-10 pages of google and found your blog. I liked it :)
    You were saying you modify it for zero people who read it - well not zero now ;)
    Will read some more later...