24 November 2008

Variety is the spice...

I definately need to spice up my life a little. It started with the choir...

And now I am going to attempt to adopt another hobby; cake making, well more specifically, cupcake making. I toyed with the idea of cake decorating i.e. large cakes but I much prefer the simpler, daintier cake variety.

Sooo... to prepare for my new hobby this weekend, I went shopping for the neccessary equipment. It wasn't a completely blind venture, as I have been subscribed to a few cake/cupcake websites and blogs now so I know the general jist but the first thing on my list was a cupcake cookery book. Waterstones, here I come! (WHSmiths are useless by the way, why don't they alphabetise their titles?!) I spent a good hour in Waterstones, completely undecided on which one I should get; there are so many good ones out there. But I settled on this one; 'Cupcakes' by Sue McMahon;

The cupcake on the front looks so yummy for start ! It comes in a quaint little A5 ringbinder style book - so the pages are easy to turn - with simple, easy-to-follow recipes, hints and tips and great cupcake designs. It also has a section for gluten-free, diary-free and low fat recipes, etc. All for only £9.99. I was very happy with my purchase and excited to get started!

Onwards and upwards in my quest for cupcake baking equipment...

I managed to puchase a piping bag with 8 different nozzles, so I can do different styles on icing topping; a wooden rolling pin and er... yeh that was as far as I got! Oh no wait, I got some flavourings and food colouring. I still have a bun-hole cake tin, cutters, paper cases and ready-to-roll icing to get and then I think I'm all set to get cupcake baking!

I think tonight is the night too...

So watch this space people, I shall share my trials and tribulations of my new found hobby; cupcake baking!

p.s. I also have an awesome present in progress for my mom's birthday on December 4th (but it has to be a little secret right now). All I can say about it is, it's a race against time to get the present finished between now and then. Fingers crossed!


14 November 2008

Boxed Up and the Choir

I would like to share a website I've recently discovered and found to be rather good. It's called 'Boxed Up' and, to quote the website itself, it is a place to;

" Organise your internet shopping and make it more fun with boxed up...

Discover and share things with your friends and community. "

And yup, I actually really like it. It has received Gingerella's seal of approval. Some might say I join too many websites but I say er... no I don't? OK, rubbish comeback but let us continue...

06 November 2008

No title

I haven't updated in ages and I don't really have time right now to formulate a proper update but I shall just mention a few things (where this post will seat equally between personal and academic life).

I think I'm making headway with my equipment and the calibration process but my motivation is somewhat shot again. I really must make a move and I only really have about 2 months until I need to have a draft abstract about planned experiments finished and ready for submission to SPIE. I have faith, but pray for me!

I am still feeling some slight ill effects from being ill a couple of weeks ago, my tummy is behaving very funnily. But I am OK.

Finally, There are still a few things I have in the pipeline, including;

  • my new blog design: I'm not really getting enough spare time at the moment to finish it. The design, and deciding, process seem to take so long, especially with my perfectionism affliction. But, I think I am getting into the groove and really want to finish it soon.
  • more YouTube videos: I haven't yet mentioned that I make - well, used to make - videos on YouTube known as video logs or vlogs, some of which were a teeny bit popular. I am not going to divulge my YouTube identity here just yet - and if you find it out, I shall be most impressed - but I might do eventually. Anyway, I want to make more videos and I have a few video ideas, which takes me onto the last thing...
  • Europe tour videos collage: when R, his two siblings and I went to Europe in the summer, we made a series of video diaries which I am currently converting (from .mov to .avi to please Windows Movie Maker) and plan to edit together to make a movie about the trip. I have made the title images for the movie (using Inkscape) which I want to share with you guys and hear what you think;

You can do some pretty clever stuff with Inkscape, I think it's easier to navigate and understand than Photoshop and it's free! Here ends my lovely plug for Inkscape.

OK, that will do for now and I shall hopefully be back soon.

Au revoir!

p.s. I have another new follower; Chantel of Chantels fave things, who has a lovely blog design. I am not quite sure how she found me or even why she likes my blog but it's great to have another cool follower! Muchos appreciation.