24 November 2008

Variety is the spice...

I definately need to spice up my life a little. It started with the choir...

And now I am going to attempt to adopt another hobby; cake making, well more specifically, cupcake making. I toyed with the idea of cake decorating i.e. large cakes but I much prefer the simpler, daintier cake variety.

Sooo... to prepare for my new hobby this weekend, I went shopping for the neccessary equipment. It wasn't a completely blind venture, as I have been subscribed to a few cake/cupcake websites and blogs now so I know the general jist but the first thing on my list was a cupcake cookery book. Waterstones, here I come! (WHSmiths are useless by the way, why don't they alphabetise their titles?!) I spent a good hour in Waterstones, completely undecided on which one I should get; there are so many good ones out there. But I settled on this one; 'Cupcakes' by Sue McMahon;

The cupcake on the front looks so yummy for start ! It comes in a quaint little A5 ringbinder style book - so the pages are easy to turn - with simple, easy-to-follow recipes, hints and tips and great cupcake designs. It also has a section for gluten-free, diary-free and low fat recipes, etc. All for only £9.99. I was very happy with my purchase and excited to get started!

Onwards and upwards in my quest for cupcake baking equipment...

I managed to puchase a piping bag with 8 different nozzles, so I can do different styles on icing topping; a wooden rolling pin and er... yeh that was as far as I got! Oh no wait, I got some flavourings and food colouring. I still have a bun-hole cake tin, cutters, paper cases and ready-to-roll icing to get and then I think I'm all set to get cupcake baking!

I think tonight is the night too...

So watch this space people, I shall share my trials and tribulations of my new found hobby; cupcake baking!

p.s. I also have an awesome present in progress for my mom's birthday on December 4th (but it has to be a little secret right now). All I can say about it is, it's a race against time to get the present finished between now and then. Fingers crossed!



  1. ...maybe I should pick up a hobby. Probably not decorating cupcakes because I would just eat them all. Then I would hate myself.

    I'm excited to see some of your creations!

  2. Hi Ging! Any cupcakes came out of this becoming your hobby already?
    We all waiting for the next post to be delicious !!! :)