09 December 2008

More cupcakery!

So I attempted to make some more cupcakes last night, this time with the Christmas theme and with proper butter (not saturated fat (margarine)).

Feast your eyes on these...

I used the sprinkles I bought from ebay; hollies & berries, christmas trees, snowflakes, and some others I'd already bought.

I even put them in their own little Christmas presentation box...

There are some plain chocolate ones, with no frosting, as I screwed up the red frosting by adding far too much food colouring to get the shade I wanted. All I could get with little food colouring was pink - what?! I shall have to figure that one out as I really want red buttercream icing.

I need to make another batch (my housemate, R and I ate a few) ready for the big sleepover reunion this weekend.

And next on the list; Christmas cookies and mince pies! Wooo!

02 December 2008


I'm still trying to change my bloomin' blog and I'm still not bloomin' getting anywhere!

Sorry for the ugliness of my blog right now... it's 10pm and I've spent 3 hours fiddling with it already - and getting nowhere - Im gonna give up with it and try to spent my evening doing something more productive!

Here's a sexy picture of Paul McCartney for you. It has nothing to do with the fact that it came up when Googling 'changes' for a picture related to this post. No! I actually think he looks hot here.*#

*Crossed my fingers. Doesn't count.

01 December 2008

Cupcake Adventures so far!

So I'm finally here to give an account of my cupcake adventures since I decided to invest time, money and energy into my new hobby last weekend. I would love to to tell you worked perfectly first time round, but I'd be lying. The cupcakes themselves were fine and lovely...


... & After

and I had success with both lemon and chocolate cupcakes. However, it was the buttercream icing (frosting) that turned out to be the difficult part. Initially, with the lemon cupcakes, it was my own fault as I halved everything in the recipe, to make less frosting, but forgot to halv the amount of water I put in, so it was mega-runny.

Lemon cupcakes and plain buttercream icing

But I had another go with the chocolate cupcakes I made and the lemon buttercream icing turned out much better...

Chocolate cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting
I couldn't resist eating one!

Chocolate and lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream icing

However, next time I don't think I would even bother adding any water next time as I would prefer it much stiffer. I also had a go at making some Swiss meringue icing but I managed to add butter before I had even whipped the egg whites because I wasn't giving the recipe my full attention - what a fool and a waste of ingredients. Nevermind.

All that still hasn't discouraged me anyway, not by a long shot! I am now looking forward to making Christmas themed cupcakes.

I'm inspired by the lovely Christmas selection I found over at Crumbs and Dollies blog (also found on their website here).

And so I have started preparing myself for my Christmas baking extravaganza! I have a Christmas Meal Party lined up for December 14th. Each person has to bring one homemade dish and one Secret Santa gift and we have a large Christmas Dinner Buffet. Well, I chose dessert (as I love them so much) but as I can't decide what to bake, I shall make a selection;

Mince pies
Christmas cookies
Christmas cupcakes
Sherry Christmas trifle

A week before that, I'm attending a reunion for my undergraduate degree and aim to use the attendees as guinea pigs for my cooking of the first 3 baked goodies. I've already got myself some Christmas shaped cookie cutters and double sided pastry cutters for the mince pies. Each were a bargain at £1.50 and £1.71, respectively. I think I shall decorate the cookies with fondant and the food colouring I've bought.

I also used ebay to pick up some Christmas sprinkles; including snowflakes, stars, christmas trees and hollies & berries; and a large star piping nozzle for the large icing swirls.

So I am muchos enjoying my cupcake baking so far! It's really fun. Watch this space for some more cupcakery goings-on.