02 December 2008


I'm still trying to change my bloomin' blog and I'm still not bloomin' getting anywhere!

Sorry for the ugliness of my blog right now... it's 10pm and I've spent 3 hours fiddling with it already - and getting nowhere - Im gonna give up with it and try to spent my evening doing something more productive!

Here's a sexy picture of Paul McCartney for you. It has nothing to do with the fact that it came up when Googling 'changes' for a picture related to this post. No! I actually think he looks hot here.*#

*Crossed my fingers. Doesn't count.


  1. Finally! New design is awesome!!!

    Just a little bug - the search box goes a little off on the right (sorry to be too picky - just a professional outlook :)

  2. Hey alkuzn!

    Thanks a lot! I quite like it too but it's just the basics. I am hopefully gonna jazz it up even more. =D

    Yeh, I knew about all the text in the sidebar hanging over the edge but I couldn't seem to fix it yesterday and ran out of time. I will fix it asap! Thanks for letting me know though. =)

  3. Nice look! Will have to start dabbling in redesigning mine...