09 December 2008

More cupcakery!

So I attempted to make some more cupcakes last night, this time with the Christmas theme and with proper butter (not saturated fat (margarine)).

Feast your eyes on these...

I used the sprinkles I bought from ebay; hollies & berries, christmas trees, snowflakes, and some others I'd already bought.

I even put them in their own little Christmas presentation box...

There are some plain chocolate ones, with no frosting, as I screwed up the red frosting by adding far too much food colouring to get the shade I wanted. All I could get with little food colouring was pink - what?! I shall have to figure that one out as I really want red buttercream icing.

I need to make another batch (my housemate, R and I ate a few) ready for the big sleepover reunion this weekend.

And next on the list; Christmas cookies and mince pies! Wooo!


  1. They are adorable! :) Red food coloring is can be a pain to work out but best of luck to ya!

  2. Just one word: de---li---cious!!!!
    I want to reach out and eat one :) I did not compliment your cupcakes the first time - because they were not that good (to be honest - you messed up a little) - but this ones... You are becoming a Pro! :)

  3. So many Holidays and no more cupcakes? :)

  4. I just thought about it - where are the blueberry ones? are they the hardest to make? they are my favorite :)