24 February 2009


So, there is to be a school reunion, a joint one for the juniors (primary) and comprehensive (secondary/high) school. I know, because I have pretty much single handedly organised it. One person suggested it and created a Facebook group, another decided to join me in the organisation (as the initial person had to back out) but I did most of the actual organising really.
I decided to put together a little poster using Inkscape to make it look more organised and official, what do you think?

I was quite happy with it and it wasn't too time consuming either, less than a day. I really should have made it A4 shape/format but this was what fit better so it stuck!
So far, 40-odd guests are confirmed and we have agood 25-ish maybes. I have hired the club bar in Revolution, in Walsall. Hopefully it is a success!


p.s. I am one follower down. =( I suppose I am pretty dull and boring!

23 February 2009

Ooooh! I've changed my mind again!

What is all this changing my mind business??

I am constantly seeing what can be achieved with blog designs, both on Blogger and on Wordpress (although I don't like Wordpress), and they're much better than mine! *Cry* No fair! I want a better design and what I really want is for someone to come along and design one for me, free of charge.

I have even been tempted to buy - yes that's right, purchase, with money! - some of the blogger designs I've seen on this website; deliciousdesignstudios! ...

But I'm not gonna do it. C'mon guys! I can make it look as good as that right? I think I might go white!

Bet you're sick of me harping on about all this but it bugs me.

Another piece of news for today, it's my 24th Birthday! :D

17 February 2009


It's taken me a little while but I've done it, completed the redesign for my blog.

It's not finished yet, by far, but it's good ground work. I still have the menu to add (that's what the red oblong shape is for) and I still have a few widgets and styling issues e.g. the date is currently "undefined" ,but it's taking shape. And I finally really like it... who knows how long that will last though!

Right, off to sing my lungs out at choir!

p.s. Hmm perhaps inappropriate to have a pregnant belly as a picture? Meh. Who cares.