24 February 2009


So, there is to be a school reunion, a joint one for the juniors (primary) and comprehensive (secondary/high) school. I know, because I have pretty much single handedly organised it. One person suggested it and created a Facebook group, another decided to join me in the organisation (as the initial person had to back out) but I did most of the actual organising really.
I decided to put together a little poster using Inkscape to make it look more organised and official, what do you think?

I was quite happy with it and it wasn't too time consuming either, less than a day. I really should have made it A4 shape/format but this was what fit better so it stuck!
So far, 40-odd guests are confirmed and we have agood 25-ish maybes. I have hired the club bar in Revolution, in Walsall. Hopefully it is a success!


p.s. I am one follower down. =( I suppose I am pretty dull and boring!

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