26 March 2009

Task Management

I may have blogged about this before, I don't recall. Anyway...

I'm looking for a task/time management web application so that I can organise my To-Do list(s) online as well as in my diary but it's proving more difficult than I originally anticipated. I now remember where the de-ja vu comes from; I've (unsuccessfully) looked before!

At this point, I should probably say, I'm looking for something that is compatible (i.e. integratable) with Blogger, perhaps in the form of an RSS feed or even a widget itself.

One option is Remember.The.Milk (RTM), which is very good. I've used it before and it works well. I even had a lovely little to-do list in my sidebar maaaany moons ago.

Buuuut, in my absence, RTM seem to have removed the compatibility with Blogger, in favour of applications like Twitter, Mac desktops and iPhone's, which is all well and good but a) not what I want and b) I don't have some of those. Also, I have discovered that an RSS feed just doesn't cut the mustard as it just displays the tasks as a long list without any sort of duration or chronological information i.e. all the things that RTM does show.

So, I went on the trail of other applications. I won't lie, I didn't unearth a fat lot but here's what I did find that might be useful for some of you, even if they've failed me.

This one failed at the first hurdle; it was an e-mail reminder service. But it doesn't look too bad.

2. Todopub
OK, we were off to a good start with this one ticking the 'online task management web application' box as well as 'compatible with you mobile', if that's for you. But, unfortunately, those are the only boxes it managed to tick for me.

3. Doomi
Again, failed in the starting blocks as it's a desktop application. It does look good but from what I can gather, it needs a lot of functionality improvement and it's only maintained by 1 person.

4. Your Li.st
Oh, shoot! Another e-mail and sms reminder service. We continue on.

5. ForceDo
It is very reminiscent of RTM, and looks good at first glance. However, I'd have to sign up to explore the features they offer. Something tells me it's far too new to have the features I'm looking for yet, even if it does have a Twitter feature... but then doesn't every website and their proverbial dog have one of those?

6. Rem!nderFeed

OK, so it has the word Feed in there; I didn't know whether to be weary or optimistic. Turns out, both. The feed itself looked very good but the feed would actually only contain one reminder, unless I have misunderstood the concept - why would that be useful and why would it require an entire feed?

7. Presdo

Nope, just an events web application. Boo!


Come on, I can't keep going, can I? It's definitely back to the drawing board and I may have to consider some sort of calendar style events widgety thing.

Any suggestions, I am completely open.


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