31 March 2009


So I imagine a lot of you will have heard of this by now; Twilight is the first in the series of 4 books by author Stephanie Meyer, which is incidentally the name of the 4-part saga as well. You can get it for as little as £3.50 at Amazon, bargain! Oh and they've adapted it into a film.

I am just getting to the end of the first book after reading for a little over a week (slow for me). It is a really good book - I've just been mega busy - and I already have the other four books lined up;

Has anyone else read them?

Twilight inspired items now litter the internet; artwork, patisseries and loads more. So for the die-hard Twilight fans out there, here are just a few to feast your eyes on;

1. Twilight Notecard, Esty seller brixtonlane
2. 'Midnight Snack', Flickr user garycruz
3. Twilight cupcakes, Flickr user SweetToothFairy
4. more Twilight cupcakes, Flickr user Amanda, with sugar on top!

There is so much more in this Twilight inspired range, from make-up tutorials to more Etsy items e.g. bookmarks.



  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. I LOVE the Twilight series. I'm not sure how much of a craze it has become in the UK, but here in the States it's fanatical. When you get through them all, I highly recommend you read Stephanie Meyer's newer novel The Host. It is an adult themed book, and completely independent from the Twilight Series. It's fantastic. Oh, also- once you've finished all the Twilight books, check out Meyer's website where you can read a PDF of Midnight Sun. It's the first half of Twilight from Edward's perspective, and it's a very interesting read. She goes into the details of why she created it and why she's posted it online on the site. You have a nice blog. I look forward to visiting again.

  2. Hi Mom et al,

    Oh you're very welcome. Thanks for your comment and thanks for following my blog too.

    Twilight has gotten very big here in the UK too but I imagine nowhere near as big as it is in the US. Two of my friends adore the series and are planning to go to some sort of Twilight convention lol!

    I had a look at Stephanie Meyer's website after you mentioned and it's so detailed, it's really good. I'd heard 'Midnight Sun' had gotten leaked but I didn't realise she posted it on her website so I shall definitely read the PDF now I know. Oh and I'll also check out her other book.

    Thanks again! =D