21 April 2009

Any Question Answered...

A friend and fellow blogger, Sigh-Man, mentioned he'd started working as a researcher for the text-and-answer company AQA: Any Question Answered. It does what it says on the tin, you have a question, text them (63336) and they'll answer it. Granted it costs about £1.

So after having a quick browse on their website today, I noticed they let you try one question for free delivered to your mobile...

So what did I decide to ask?
Of all the girls born in 1985, how many were named Jennifer?
Whaaaat?! It was all I could think of

Well, it didn't take them too long to reply -- about 12 minutes -- and this was the response;
5,787 girls born in the UK in 1985, were named Jennifer. The name is Welsh in origin and means fair one. Jennifer Rush sang The Power of Love in 1985.
That's nice to know. I never really texted one of these things before so thought I would share my experience with you.

What questions would you ask? Maybe you can even have a go and see what sort of answer you get.


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