22 April 2009

Blog Hunt

I saw this fun blog game of sorts posted on Coveiter's blog. And a Blog Hunt it is indeed, I repeatedly had to find blogs I liked and which fit the criteria; it was hard! But it did help me discover more blogolicious blogs. So maybe it will help you do the same.

Link a blogger who...

I missed two out -- a blogger who has a new baby and has an online shop -- as I didn't want to repeat or I couldn't find one.

Now it's your turn.


1 comment:

  1. Cracking idea! Not sure I could dedicate enough time to find all of them :/

    You might have to re-allocate me from the 'writes about life', since my catastrophic Wordpress reset, it's just photographs! :(

    You'll also have to resubscribe as the feed has changed. Only if you want to...