20 April 2009

Free Cone Day!

It's not Friday but this is a freebie I just couldn't let you miss...

That's tomorrow!!

I shall be trying to get mine!

Click here for the website and to see participating outlets.



  1. Crumbs, all the participating outlets are in cinemas, here I was thinking I could swindle a cool scoop to compliment the weather this week. There is a Ben & Jerry's standalone stall in Meadowhall, Sheffield... is a 1hr 20min drive worth it?!

  2. I know, it's so disappointing that they're all at cinemas. Why aren't there any Ben&Jerry's standalone stores?! I demand there to be some!

    I probably won't be able to get my free scoop as I'm at uni all day. =( Booooo!

    p.s. I'm leaving this comment in Safari, so there seems to be no error my end. Do you still get errors?

  3. Nice - it is from noon till 8PM in the US:
    I gonna go get one and aggravate my constant cold that I have LOL

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