29 April 2009

Letterpress {MIKA78}

Sorry for the lack of blog posts people, I've been mega busy with everything and nothing.

Anyway, I'm not sure if many of you are aware of my love for pretty things, but I do indeed love them! I am subscribed to a number of blogs that showcase many a selection of design and craft items of beautiful prettyness.

Now, I am nowhere near marriage, or any of that malarky, but I just had to share these beautiful collections of letterpress wedding stationery by MIKA78 with you - they are absolutely stunning!

{ Botanicals }

{ Romance }

{ In Love }

{ Joy }

{ The Quote }

{ Luxe }

{ Blossoms }

{ Spring }

{ Monogram }

So very beautiful. The company, run by Mimi Woo, is in the US and, after browsing the FAQ, I have no idea if they ship to the UK but when (if) I get married I only hope that a) this lady is still producing such wonderful work and b) they ship to the UK!

Hope you enjoyed drooling over them as much as I did.



  1. I keep telling myself I'll never get married, but these make me want a reason to buy and send them...so maybe I'll reconsider! (the ones with the yellow flowers are my fave).

  2. there is always the third possibility... c) - if you get married in the US :) no shipping problem then.