10 April 2009


After seeing one of How About Orange posts on making fabric bookmarks I really wanted to make one . So when my 2008 diary -- with a fabric cover -- ran out, I decided to recycle it and make one as I loved the fabric pattern. Of course, the diary ran out months ago but I have finally gotten around to making the bookmark. The bookmarks tassle was actually from the diary itself, used for keeping the page.

Here, have a butchers at what I started with and the finished product.

It's Good Friday today but I was still supposed to (force myself to) go into uni. I decided to let myself sleep a little, then it was raining so decided to stay for lunch and go in for the afternoon... but I still haven't made it in.  *sheepish look* Making myself promises that I will do computer work from home and go into the lab tomorrow did seem to relieve my guilt shortly but I still haven't actually done anything and tomorrow is Saturday, so I don't know how confident I am that I will go in. But I have got to be firm!

Also, I don't know what's happened but a scratch I had just below the right side of my lip has turned into a small collection of hives. Maybe I got some hydrocortisone cream in it this morning; my skin is notorious for reacting and being sensitive to things! I've washed my face there and applied some e45 but now it's burning. I'm a little worried now, if I'm honest. Eek!

I've just been eating Nutella out of the jar. Bad idea, bad bad idea. I've already managed to get tummy ache (I'm lactose intolerant). I never used to really rate Nutella but it's actually pretty yum. Back to my glass of H2O.

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