12 May 2009

The arrival, then the departure

So, I haven't really let you guys in on it yet but my new beautiful digital SLR camera arrived on Monday. Well, it would have arrived on Saturday if I'd been at home and been able to sign for the special delivery. But instead I had to wait till Monday lunch time to make a visit to the delivery office.

It arriving on Saturday would have done little good anyway as I realised far too late that I didn't have the correct memory card; a Compact Flash, which is more square than the ones which slot inside digital compact cameras. I have an abundance of those! Sod's law.

Anyway, after ordering (only yesterday, I s'poooose) and what seemed like an age, Amazon finally dispatched my memory card! Woop! However, it is being sent via First Class post (not the quickest of Royal Mail's services, lemme tell ya) and from Jersey, Channel Islands no less. Amazon's estimated delivery date of my memory card? Saturday 16th May! Good lord child, that's too long, I cannot wait! But I shall have to.

I am glad I pur-chased it from said website though as it was £17.99 (with free P&P, as I am an Amazon Prime member) -- and that increased to £19.99 today -- compared with at least £29 in the shops. Though, you know, a friend asked me "£11 extra for a day or two of having it in your hand? "* Initially, I said no but if I'd know it was gonna be a bloody week of extra playtime, I might have frickin' paid the £29.

*Yes, yes, I know, it's not really a perfectly formed question. Take it up with him, not me.
OK, let's swing it back to positivity and away from my anger simply from being impatient. The camera is wonderful! I have almost no idea what I'm doing and it's fab! Haha! Wish me luck... and pray for my package to arrive asap.



  1. talkphotography.co.uk is a good site for picking up tips on composition etc when your starting out. The critiques of other peoples work is especially useful. Hope the card finally arrived :P

  2. Congratulation! Another digital slr camera photographer in the making. :)