31 May 2009


The weather in good old UK is glorious at the moment and whilst I have some time before I go out and enjoy it I thought I would share with you some of the lovely photos I took yesterday. 

After I finally got hold of a camera bag and new backpack (there will be a post about that soon), I finally took the plunge and ventured out with my new camera.

I considered going to parks but knew they would be jam packed with people. Hmm... where might be a little empty on a gloriously warm and sunny day that I'd actually want to photograph? *Ding* University! So that's where I went. The libraries may have been full of students cramming for exams, but the university's old courtyard itself was deserted.

It is beautifully green;

ISO100 | 1/160s | f/10 | Sony DT 18-70mm @ 18mm

And I never fail to be amazed by the courtyard buildings themselves;

ISO 100 | 1/125s | f/10 | Sony DT 18-70mm @ 18mm

We'll have a few macro shots now. First, the beautiful door knobs, with the heart shaped brass, on the old wooden doors;

ISO 100 | 1/500s | f/5.6 | Sony DT 18-70mm @ 40mm

And now the bumblebees darting in and out of flowers;

ISO 100 | 1/800s | f/5.6 | Sony DT 18-70mm @ 70mm 

Incidentally, if anyone knows the name of this white flower, I'd love to know. Or even a good website that allows you to identify flowers yourself, that would be really useful; I'm sure I'll be taking more flower shots.

Oh and go on, I'll throw another building in there for good measure. This is one of the arts buildings, very roman-esque;

ISO 100 | 1/200s | f/10 | Sony DT 18-70mm @ 18mm 

Well, I took over 100 photographs yesterday -- most of which were shot on auto or auto macro, I'm nowhere near skilled enough to compose the settings myself yet -- but these were my faves. Maybe I'm biased but I think my university has a beautiful campus.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, I was quite proud of them for my first real time.



  1. Over 100?! I think you have every right to be proud, they're SWEET! I like the backlit leaves on the tree in the first one, otherwise they look very flat if the Sun is behind you. I try avoid having the Sun behind me for any photo during the day - no shadows to invoke depth. Sideways Sun is good, head-on got to be careful unless you want silouhette but good job hiding it behind the tree. LOVE that last shot! Barrel distortion is usually a peeve of mine, but the way it leans back adds to the majestic feel. Perhaps consider a head-on symmetrical shot, and particularly one at sunset - it will be a superb demo of how time of day and light quality/temperature/diffusivity changes a scene :)

  2. Excellent - seems like me over 100 and only a few good ones (well thats my average anyway)

    I'm finding trial and error and just shooting a great way to get used to what 'feels' right for you. Photoshop is a great tool too if you happen to have chosen the wrong setting and get your exposure off, worth playing with, it can really add drama to an other wise average photo.

    Keep at it, great shots indeed ;)

  3. I think the flower is called rhododendron: http://www.netstate.com/states/symb/flowers/images/pacific_rhododendron.jpg
    Nice shots - especially for the beginner!

  4. @Simon: Thanks! Yeh, I'm not a massive fan of barrel distortion myself, especially the over spherical ones. The idea of taking a straight-on shot, particularly at sunset, is cool, thanks! After uploading the shot onto my computer, I wished I'd taken a straight-on symmetrical shot, too. It was a single shot I took whilst I was sat waiting for my brother (who never showed up! tut!)

    @Dade F: thanks dude! Or Dade! lol. I did get a few other good shots but they weren't really connected to these pics so I decided to leave them out, for now. Hopefully, I can improve and get more than a few for every 100 pics. Definitely trail and error for me; I don't even know what the hell my camera does at the moment, but just getting stuck in really. Thanks for the Photoshop tip: that program scares the hell out of me :-/ but I'd really like to try it. I use Adobe Lightroom which I think is fab, check that out!

    @alkuzn: thanks for identifying the flower. After looking through pics, it does indeed look like it is a white rhododendron. :)

  5. I try to avoid auto or full auto, even if you're just beginning. You're camera should have aperture priority, which lets you adjust aperture while the camera takes care of everything else. It's probably the best function for the types of shot your taking. Also gives you a more control over depth of field and bokeh, if your lense supports a small f.stop.

    Nice photos though!

    P.S. there's a handy analogy of 'filling a bucket of water for shutter speed, aperture and ISO - http://www.uscoles.com/fstop.htm Makes it a little easier to get it your head round. Thats is, of course, if you are finding it difficult to get your head round.

  6. Loooove these! Beautiful.