27 May 2009

PhD peevedness!

Dear uninvited guest,

OK, you clearly know as well as I do that I haven't frequented my lab much over the past week or so. But, having swipe card access to my lab and me not being present during your scavenging mission, does not give you license to pilfer my equipment.

As I am sure you know, the items you took -- the power meter and laser shutter -- are very useful, in fact, I assume that's the very reason you took them. However, your need and/or desire of said items does not give you priority.

Allow me, if you will, to elaborate on exactly how vital those items are to me;
  1. Laser shutter
    I now have to switch off the power and remove the key for the laser every single time I leave my lab -- a lot, considering the amount of data I end up ferrying around between my equipment and my computer, situated on the floor above, no less.

  2. Power meter
    My current measurements involve me reducing the laser power until the trapping power is no longer sufficient to overcome the viscous force of the surrounding medium. I am sure you can guess, if not, as a fellow scientist, agree with me that power value readings are pretty damn important there.

If, unbeknownst to me, those items are to be shared, then I shall share. If you're going to steal borrow them, tell me. There is plenty of paper and the odd pen in my lab for you to leave me a note. I won't be cross, I promise, so long as I know where and/or when I can get them back.

Definitely no love,

peeved PhD..



I have e-mailed Super asking him if he knows where they are as he often takes the power meter. I am beginning to wonder if he is removing things from my lab to see exactly how long it takes me to notice they're gone. Maybe he has a hunch I've been avoiding the lab lately. Paranoid, much?

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  1. That is super annoying! I hope you get everything back real soon!