08 May 2009

Funkin' tilt-shift!

I know, I know, I'm late on sharing this funky thing with you that I promised yesterday but it's here now. And I am sure you are all about to be majorly disappointed but I think it's great! :D

It's something called... wait, wait, waaaait! Let's go the whole (disappointment) hog and build this thing right up...

*drum roll please*

Now, let me first explain: there is a little gem of a photographic technique called tilt-shift photography which takes an image of a real life scene and makes it look like it is a miniature scale model. (Pause: how effing cool is that?!)

This website, Tilt-shift Maker, will do it for you! Just upload your digital photo and wait while it is transformed to look like a miniature model. There are tips on the best photographs to upload as some pictures work better than others.

Here are just some examples (click to enlarge):

{ Ephesus, Greece }

{ Seattle Stadium }

{ Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 }

{ Las Vegas }

Head on over to the website and check out more from the gallery or have a go at uploading your own. I want to see samples!

But just hold your horses, it doesn't end there. I have now unearthed this wonderful little tilt-shift video entitled Bathtub IV by Keith Loutit, a photographer from Sydney, Austrailia.

How fab is that?! Well, very, I think. I hope you all enjoyed the funkin' tilt-shift as much as I did!



  1. Thats crazy awesome! - cant chat must play with photos... bye for now

    oh, and thanks ;)

  2. That video is super cool! What a fun thing!

  3. That video is *the* coolest thing I've seen for a long time. I've always wondered what tilt-and-shift Canon lenses do (predictably way out of my price range to try), and I've seen many a photoshop tutorial to create miniature fakes - but never put two and two together, and never thought it could create something so cool. That website saves a lot of headache over photoshop. What a sweet find, good to see you're already exploring novel avenues in photography :D