21 May 2009

I ♥ rain.


Well, rain is OK perse, but cycling in it is just not fun. And I tell you what else is not fun; that it's not raining before you start cycling, it's not raining after you stop cycling but is pelting it down when you are or at least won't stop whilst you're waiting for it to stop so you can cycle! All that happened to me today. I got drenched in the rain and took me 3 hours to dry at uni.

So, today I am buying a kagool or a 'Kag in a Bag'. Either black or a funky pink.

Then, I am buying a new backpack -- one that is actually designed to accommodate my laptop, too -- so that everything in my bag -- clean pants, tissue, diary, book, almost everything -- doesn't get wet when cycling in the rain. What do you think of this Jansport bag? I think it's beautiful! lol.

So sexy! Is it worth £50 though? Probably. Ooooh, gimmie!

It seems quite hard to get hold of though. Amazon do it but only in red, navy or white. I'd consider red and navy but it's the black I really want. This website: ePacks, has it in black but I've never shopped with them before. How many of you put your faith in an online company you've never shopped with before? It's difficult.

Should I, shouldn't I? Help!



  1. Pink! purely to stop traffic running you over, and tells flies to get out of the way (although no flies when it rains?). Although the black stealth look is a clear favourite too, if you're packing a gun on a mission. As for online shopping, there once was a time when you and I had never shopped on amazon, eBay, play, and a million other camera/technology eshops... take the plunge!

  2. OR get a bus to uni and stop off at Bags of Flavour on the way.

  3. Bicycles are greener, cheaper and 'easier' -- they take you exactly to your destination -- than buses.

    Oooh not heard of Bags of Flavour before, thanks for that. Shame there is no website.

  4. True, although I just make up for it by turning all my electrics off standby.

    My Bag of Flavour. They're made from duvet covers.

  5. Ohhh WOW! That Bag of Flavour is fab! I want one of my own now... I might just have to stop by - Thanks Ross. =D