26 May 2009


Despite not hearing my 8am phone alarm this morning, maybe after turning it off or even smothering it with my body -- phone alarms are really no good, I must revert to my alarm clock -- I got straight out of bed at 9am, jumped in the shower and was ready to go fairly quickly. I felt ready to work.

So today has the potential to be really good. I am feeling productive., especially on the PhD front. R made a good suggestion; a To-Do list. Now, it's not difficult to sell a To-Do List to me, of all people; I love 'em! But he stipulated that it should be rather detailed, he should be able to ask me about whether I have achieved said items, oh and it should be work related -- forgot that minor detail -- not so good at those, well completing them anyway.

I have received an e-mail about a photon science poster session at the end of June. I will get some fatty-bumbum (translation: good) results and hopefully, rapidly put a poster together. Rather exciting.

I didn't do much over the bank holiday weekend apart from enjoying the weather and getting a little jolly on Friday night for a friends visit. How about you lot? I did however, receive the 2 reading circle books from Amazon and buy the pink 'Kag in a Bag' (although they called it 'Jack in a Pack' as it zips down all the way). R even got one of the black 'Kag in Bag''s as it was half-price.

Oh and I placed an order at Jessops for a Lowepro camera bag but won't be able to pick that up until at least Friday. Booo! But at least then I feel that I can start exploring the outdoors with my DSLR. I'm now just waiting for this month's pay before I order my lovely Jansport bag. I'm too excited. :D

That will do for now.


Images: Goddess_Spiral

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