20 May 2009

Reading Circle

Incase you don't already know, I love reading!

Sometime ago, I joined a virtual book club, inventively called The Book Club Forum, whose main interaction -- as you can probably deduce -- is via their forum. It really is a great place to talk about everything literary with fellow bookworms but unfortunately, I haven't been at all active there. I thought now is the time to get a little more involved and my first port of call -- as has been during all my previous well-intentioned visits -- is their Reading Circle.

Just to quickly explain how their Reading Circle works;
The Reading Circle, around since the early days of the forum, has now settled into a monthly read. During the preceding month, members can nominate, and then vote for, their choice of book.

The Reading Circle is a chance for forum members to get involved, from nominations, through to discussions. At present, nominations include all genres, but there have been 'themed months', covering such genres as 'classics', 'historical fiction', etc.

You can see all previous Reading Circle books by visiting Kell's Reading Circle Fast Finder. To buy previous or current choices, visit their bookstore.

The Reading Circle's choice for May was The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, but we're already well into May, I'm still reading the Twilight Saga, I believe it's quite a long book, and, oh this small problem of my PhD...

So, I'll start first with the Reading Circle's choice for June: Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, as part of the Main Reading Circle. Then, in June: The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, as part of the Classics Reading Circle. I've just pur-chased both of them for 1p (yup, £0.01) each from Amazon. Well, if you exclude the postage & packing of £2.75 per book.

Out of the 66 titles they've read so far, although I've heard of most of them, -- so they're not really obscure, like most book clubs -- I've only read about 6 of them. 9% is not too good, time to work on that.

One final piece of the Reading Circle puzzle, will be the start of my Reading Circle Reviews, posted here, on my blog. So watch this space. Maybe some of you can even get involved too?


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