19 May 2009


Recovery is an excellent word to apply to what's been going 'down' lately. I don't actually know where to start...

{ Busted laptop }

Wonderful, just what I need, a broken laptop. But that's what I got. Some people, if they knew I attempted to upgrade the RAM from 500MB to 1.5GB and then do a system restore, miiiight think I was the cause. But, considering the RAM upgraded fine, and it was thanks to the system restore failure that the laptop wouldn't boot, then I know you don't blame me, do ya? ;)

Luckily, I'd just backed up everything that was on the laptop -- which actually wasn't a great deal that I didn't already have backed up, as I don't trust laptops as far as I can throw them -- before I'd attempted the system recovery so that wasn't a problem. Buuut, Dell went through a period (that period may not have ended) of shipping their laptops without any recovery/installation and driver CDs. Cut a long story short, I finally managed to get my hands -- which the owner said I could keep -- formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows. What a mission to get hold of all the drivers and updates though! Then there are all the programs to re-install. Massive amount of annoyance but it has to be done. I shall create a restore point which will make future restoration to loveliness an altogether easier undertaking. Then, I am going to upgrade the RAM again. All should be hunky dory soon enough.

{ I'm infected! }

And I haven't yet reached the recovery phase. Dammit. I'm just going to go ahead and say what you're all thinking... I hope it isn't swine flu! But you can rest assured, there is no evidence to prove that the infection can be transmitted whilst reading my blog. Never fear, my dear. :)

OK, so I know that's a lose connection to the word 'Recovery' but it counts, OK?

{ Blog Boringness }

I always considered my blog to be quite boring and, for the reader, left a lot to be desired but not as far as Abstaining Irene from Year of My Fake Engagement is concerned. And how do I know this? Because this lovely lady has chosen me as one of her 5 nominees for a 'One Lovely Blogger' Award. I know, that's what I thought; what was she thinking?! Awww thaaaanks Irene!

I have seen these types of awards floating around the blogosphere and I never thought I would ever get one, but it really is lovely to get one. :D So, I suppose, my blog seems to have recovered from it's blog boringness disease. I shall soon post my nominees.

{ PhD }

I wish there was a better word for PhD, a cosier, softer one. Then, it might be a little easier on the eye, and not leave people wondering where the letters come from or which letters should actually be capitalised. Then maybe it wouldn't cause me to start sweating like who knows what at the thought of the state mine is in at the moment.

How about 'Fudd'? It's so close to the fudge, and fudge is nice! Or maybe people will start thinking of Elmer Fudd? Well, I would start using it permanently but well, it might just confuse people.

Anyway, I digress. I had a post in the pipeline about 'coming clean' regarding my lack of motivation and, therefore lack of productive work, for my PhD R and I had a big chat (and I had a big blub) about what I should do -- soldier on, or quit. I can't keep taking the money when I hate it so much and am struggling to produce anything worthy of a PhD And if I do carry on, I run the risk of not getting a reference from my PhD Super. That's going to put me up shit creek without a paddle. I still don't really know how I feel about it all to be honest and although I'd like to be able to post and say that my lack of PhD motivation has recovered, I am not sure it has and I wouldn't like to tempt fate.

I think that's really all the recovery information I have for now. But actually, it's a bloomin' long post so it's more than enough.


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