22 June 2009

All systems go!

So, the meeting went well and I submitted the abstract to the secretary on Friday afternoon. She didn't reply Friday, nor over the weekend, but she finally got back to me yesterday (Monday) saying my submission hadn't missed the poster-boat. So looks like I'm doing a poster folks. Yay me!

So now it's non-stop work for the rest of the week! I actually have to try and get some results, which isn't proving 100% successful just yet but progress is being made. The poster is coming along nicely though; I decided to do it in Inkscape (as opposed to the Powerpoint that most researchers do them in), and used a university compliant template I got from the media centre. Don't worry (or should I say, if you care?) I shall share it with you when it's done! :D

Today (or asap) I need to;
  • Finish writing the porgram to control the stage motion (my fellow PhD'er A helped me out with starting it)
  • Understand concepts relating to microrheology, the viscous drag force method, Faxen's correction law and position calibration without using Brownian motion and power spectral analysis
  • Make samples of the liquid crystal and polystyrene beads. I really think I am neglecting this one, it's pretty damn important but I need to calibrate with water first
  • Find out about particle tracking with CCD/video using LabVIEW (IMAQ)
Yes, I realise most of that probably means nothing to most of you and I apologise! To make up for it I'll post something much more your scene soon.

In other news, I'm starving!!



  1. wow - all of that was pretty much over my head. congrats to you though!

  2. Over my head as well (or in an entirely different language), but either way...congrats!