05 June 2009

Good intentions

So much for those...

I had all sorts of plans today, lots of tasks to accomplish;
  • Get on top of my mail, especially those that require a reply
  • Do at least some programming
  • Improve upon the data set I took this morning
  • Go exploring with my camera again
  • Bake cupcakes
But apart from er..., oh yeh, none of those were really achieved today. I should probably get myself one of those t-shirts. OK so there is still time to go exploring with my camera. That is, if it weren't for the sudden terrential down pour (with the odd crackle of thunder for good measure) that has just engulfed Manchester. I have to cycle in it, and you know how much I don't like cycling in the rain -- I need not fear though, I have my trusty Kag in a Bag and a new waterproof (I hope!) backpack that I told you about. Don't tell me you forgot?!

Yes, yes, I'd be telling myself there is still time to bake cupcakes too, but not with the insufficient lack of sleep I had last night -- I don't know how I'm keeping my eyes open to be honest with you; I need my 8 hours. Yup, that's a flakey excuse, I know because come on, how much energy does it really take to do a bit of baking? True, true.

Don't condemn me as being lazy juuuust yet though, plans to go out with the girl guiding leaders tonight around 9pm (£2 cocktails at Font!) would have also put to bed any aspirations to shoot some photos or gorge on bake cupcakes, but with this bloody monsoon weather, I am not sure a night out is even really on the cards. Am not decided how I feel about that.

We'll see what happens.

I know I don't need to explain myself to you (the masses that you are. Not.) but come on, it's Friday, it's almost 5pm; I'm going home! Well, as soon as it stops raining...

Happy weekend guys and girls.



  1. It's gross and rainy here in SoCal too!

    Have a great weekend.

    And PS: I need my 8 hours of sleep unless I wanna be a raging bitch all day. You're not alone.

  2. How was your weekend after all - it did not turn out bad - right? :)