15 June 2009

Holla! @ Happiness

Blogging ideas are a bit thin on the ground again this week. Yes, I know it's only Monday and I'm already falling short of content, but allow me, my brain is otherwise occupied with some other junk (= PhD).

So, in the mean time I will give a Holla! @ Happiness and share with you a few things that have made me happy recently...

  • Last.fm
    I know I don't shut up about this radio station style website but I really don't think nearly enough people use it. I didn't understand enough about it -- likening it to Yahoo radio before I'd even visited the site -- but after test driving it, I was an immediate convert. And the number of old school songs that pop up and remind me of my youth are enough to lift my heart!
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    I would love to know why, if any other women know, why crying at a film makes the fairer sex happy? maybe it's not all of us, but I sure as hell love a good cry, I tell ya. Well, I watched this film last week and it was rather sad indeed and, whilst the severity of it's effect might be blamed on my already high monthly hormone levels, it really made me blub. And no, it's got nothing to do with my all out infatuation for everything Brad Pitt (did anyone see Meet Joe Black? I love him, no, both of them, Black and Pitt!). OK,  I probably was a little influenced by my attraction, but it was actually a good film regardless.

Time for your Holla! @ Happiness.


1 comment:

  1. :D You're a champion, thanks for the mention!

    I sniveled my way through Benjamin Button too, I confess. I also own the DVD of Meet Joe Black. Realistically, is there anything more luscious than Brad Pitt playing the peanut-butter-eating Death in a suit?

    I think not.