02 June 2009

Long day

Very boring post today but I feel I should say something.

It feels like today has been a really long day. Especially as I have been working, or at least, attempting to. I need to write a program in LabVIEW -- software that I really don't know how to program with -- to control the translation stage of my inverted microscope. Yup, it's as difficult as it sounds. I have an old version of one such program from a previous PhD student but since the software was upgraded to a newer version, the file might not actually work. But maybe there is hope and I will try tomorrow.

The weather is still fab here so for lunch today, I sat on the grass outside my building -- probably burning, like the redhead I am -- and read some of my book.

Arghhh! There is an incessant car alarm sounding off right outside my window. So annoying! And nope, it's just not going to stop so I am going to go home. I wish I could chill out and enjoy the sunshine but there is so much I have, or want, to do tonight. just little errands and loose ends to tie up. Maybe I will find time in there somewhere to bake some cupcakes as I haven't done that in a while. Plus, it will provide some more photography material.

My posts always feel dull without any pictures. :(


p.s. It's only...

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  1. Hope you decided to bake some cupcakes! :)

  2. Can I get a few macro shots of them to taste? :)

  3. Unfortunately, I just cleaned the living room and watched a movie; Gridiron Gang, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. It was quite good actually. So didn't make the cupcakes in the end. But when I do alkuzn, you can taste some macro shots of them all you like! lol :D