18 June 2009

So abstract.

"Publish or perish" seems to be a popular belief when undertaking (or failing, as I am) a PhD and whilst I'd really like to let you go down the path that your mind is probably detouring to right now, I have to put you straight; I haven't published anything nor am I even a million miles anywhere near publishing my research.

Dude, it's a big thing. I'm gutted that I'm not at that stage yet. And although I'm reassured by people that this is common, I actually feel embarrassed.

And just to add icing to that pile-of-poo-research cake, I'm not really anywhere near presenting a bloomin' poster about my research.

But that, my little tiddywinkles (don't ask, because I have no frickin' idea, seriously), might all be about to change! There is a poster session (for my institute's big wigs) coming up at the end of the month and I decided to grab the bull by the proverbial horns and make a poster for it and submit an abstract.

Yay! Yeh, I thought that too. But it's definitiely not that frickin' easy. Let's break it down, the potential problems, that is;
  • I only decided to do this yesterday
  • the deadline for titles and abstracts is tomorrow
  • I only sent the title & abstract to Super this morning 
  • Super responded pretty quickly, but it was all a little difficult to gauge what his response really meant with phrases like "the poster session is a week on Monday!" and "we'll discuss it tomorrow". Eeek! It feels like when you call your mom/dad and tell them you're staying out late and maybe not coming home tonight, and asking whether you're in trouble. Usual response: "we'll talk about it tomorrow". Yikes! that means I'm in trouble!
  • For my current project (please observe: I say current like I've had several so far, lies!) doesn't actually have any results
  • I have to get results in time for a) the poster session and b) to be included on the poster, which will probably need to be submitted for printing on the frickin' Friday.
  • I have to make the bloomin' poster!
  • Assuming I get past all that, I then have to stand up in front of said poster and face (probably concealed, maybe openly displayed) judgements of why the hell I even bothered to submit a result-less poster and explain it all with a smile on my face

Arghhhh! And there's me thinking this was going to be a beneficial undertaking. Just so that I have something other than a pretty blog, a fancy schmancy new camera and lots of responsibility-dodging volunteer schemes to show for my PhD so far.

Well, I will let you know the outcome of tomorrow's meeting with Super.


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