16 June 2009


I'm wounded, financially wounded!

Almost the worst kind, especially for a student (albeit a fully funded PhD student) like me. The purchase of a digital SLR, along with accessories, has affected me more, and longer, than I thought it would. It's only the middle of the month and I'm overdrawn! What the hell am I spending my money on?!

Granted, 2 siblings owe me money and I am currently 'missing' 2 accommodation deposits, one of which I should get most -- if not all -- of back when I move places. But it sucks. I have a rather large overdraft facility but still, I hate being in this situation. Plus, I have flights, travel insurance and train tickets for the Spainish festival, Benic├ássim, to worry about, too. I'm hoping they won't be any more than £150.

R has managed to save up so much money whilst I appear to have simply squandered it. :( And that's with him getting slightly less funding than me. But my rent is more and he also gets paid for teaching assistant duties.

If I clamp down on my clearly ridiculous spending (I still don't know on what?!) for the rest of this month, get as much of my deposit back as I can i.e. clean my flat phenomenally well, and wait patiently for July's instalment of my funding, I should be fine. Right?

Many moons ago, I used to keep a spreadsheet of my expenditure; maybe it's time to start doing that again. I could also get one of these bad boys?

I always thought I didn't need these sort of money saving devices, but maybe I should reconsider. Or how about one of these;

Now that's a clever piggy bank.

I did have another holiday in the pipeline for September but my Dad pretty much vetoed that (yup, I haven't lived at home for 6 years and my parents are still the boss of me) which I don't really want to talk about. But it's probably a good thing, seeing the state of my financial affairs.

You have simply disgraced yourself, my dear.


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  1. Those are both very clever & cute piggy banks!!!