31 July 2009

Holiday Blues

I know, I know, long time no blog, and I'm sorry! But you may -- or may not -- be pleased to know, I'm back.

I had so much to do before my holiday that I didn't have time to blog. Similar is true about when I got back, although I was mostly too busy forcing myself to get over my post-holiday blues just enough to get out of bed in the morning, let alone blog.

But I finally unpacked (after 4days of my luggage sitting there) and I really feel 'back'. And I've missed jabbering on about absolute nonsense.

The holiday was fab! I decided to extend by an extra day, which cost me at least another £120 (!), but it was well worth it. First was Benicassim Festival which involved 5 days camping. Just like last year, the music and beaches were fab, the camping not so much but it's all part of the fun! The only downside with the festival was the massive windstorm that occurred on the 2nd night which saw the stages and campsite areas getting ripped apart, tents blowing away and campers being evacuated in the middle of the night to the town's local leisure centre. Check out one of the YouTube videos of the winds;

We'd already fled the campsite by this point and 5 of us spent the night in one of the fellas rented cars. It was so sereal, and uncomfortable. It resulted in Kings of Leon -- the main band I went to see -- not playing! Gutted. But the show must go on and it was still so much fun.

Then onto Barcelona for 5 days. I love the city and whilst I initially would've preferred to go somewhere I'd not been before, this time we went with a different group of people, spent doing different things in different places. So it was still great; a whole new world of discovery.

The final downside is that on the 26th July, I flew back without R, and he's still in Espania touring the country with 2 of his housemates. I miss him too much! He's not back until the 8th August, at which point I will have left Manchester and be at my cousins wedding, so won't be here when he gets back. Big girls don't cry. I'm being so mellodramatic, I'm not gonna friggin' cry! lol.

What else is new? Not a fat lot. Things are being readied for me to visit Edinburgh and perform some measurements. I say that as if I am not the one (supposed to be) organising it. I still need to email the guy back about exactly when I'm going. I also still need to make some more samples, and really should be doing that right now. Tut tut Jen!

Well, this is getting rather long so I shall leave it there. My apologies for all the boringness. I shall be back with more later.



  1. Glad to have you back! :)

  2. hello! New reader here, and I'm loving your blog, very much! :D

    seems like you had an awesome holiday, I've always wanted to go to Barcelona, but heck, that's just so far away from here (Indonesia) :|

    ps: did you make all the layout yourself, is it possible for you to teach me how to someday? I just love this kind of blog, simple and themed :) I changed my blog's layout like once every two weeks because I'm never satisfied with what I made b-(

    do post more often ;)