07 July 2009

I fell off the wagon...

So I was either going to go with that analogy or the 'get back on the horse' one. But wagon is a pretty cool word. Not to mention, I really love wagon wheels;

Wait, you still don't know what I'm talking about? Well, I'm not an alcoholic so it wasn't the sober wagon I fell off. It was the blogging wagon. I'd gotten into a good routine and then my PhD had to get all involved and zap my time. And then I just kept putting off my blog posts...

But I'm back my luvlies! And I have lots to update you on but I will try and keep it brief.
  • Poster
    The poster (big file!) went absolutely fine! I didn't manage to get it laminated as they'd run out of laminate at the printers. Super spotted the one (non-technical) mistake on the poster straight away. I was going to correct it before sharing my poster with you lot but I changed my mind, so feel free to peruse it for the mistake yourself. Here's a little preview:

  • Moving house
    The move to my new house, with 3 previously unknown ladies, also went well. I am loving the house; it's so homely, and although I had initially thought the room would be small, I love it! If you're lucky, I'll provide photographic evidence of my new room. I need to get rid of quite a lot of clothes, either ebay or charity shops. That just reminded me, I moved out of my old place nearly a week ago and still haven't heard from the old landlord about my deposit. Tut tut. Shall text him now.
  • Holidays
    I can't wait! I am going to the festival Benicassim in Spain, again this year. I fly there, from Birmingham, next Wednesday. I'll spend a few days in Barcelona afterwards before flying back to (probably rainy) Manchester. Sadly, I shall be returning alone though as R has a big Spanish tour planned with 2 or 3 of his mates. He might come back without a liver... eek!
  • PhD news
    Due to me having to do some rather in-depth data analysis for my poster, I actually made a breakthrough. A similar breakthrough came in the form of using digital calibration techniques as suggested, to Super, by an expert in the field. Within 2 weeks that has evolved into Super buying me (well, not really me, but my project) a Macbook Pro (£900!) and a new high speed Firewire camera (£800!). Both should arrive within a week. Super considers me to be worthy of such investment?! I'm in shock. The next step will be taking the new laptop and camera up to the experts in Glasgow and spending time with them getting to grips with it. I'm excited about that!
  • Brotherly love
    One of my brothers has just finished his degree in Physics (yup, he copied me, and at the same university too) and found out he got a 2:1. :D I'm gutted I'll miss his graduation on the 16th though, as I'll be in Spain!!). His girlfriend also got a 2:1 in Accounting and Law, and I watched her graduate yesterday. A massive congrats to them both!

Well that's your lot and I know I didn't keep it very brief but, you know as well as I do, I can type for England!

I really need to do some photography so please bug me about it!



  1. Since I'm in the US, not sure what a 2:1 is...can you explain? Have fun in Spain. I've always wanted to go there. Hopefully someday!!

  2. @K13: sure! In the UK degrees are classified using a band system, as follows;

    70% - 100% -->> 1st
    60% - 70% -->> 2:1
    50% - 60% -->> 2:2
    <50% -->> 3rd

    Here in the UK, a 2:1 degree is, at least, what most people aim for. A lot of graduate jobs ask for a minimum 2:1 degree.

    Sometimes you might be lucky and have your result rounded up, e.g. 59.5% = 60% etc. Also, at my university, if you are within a certain % of a boundary e.g. 58.5%, you might get what is called a viva (viva voce) examination i.e. an oral examination, and you have to prove that your knowledge is sufficient enough to warrant being given a higher class degree than your actual result.

    Hope I didn't make that too complicated.

    @ Ali: thank you my dear.

  3. Haven't had a wagon wheel for ages! *dribble*. Well designed poster, although it's not quite big enough for me to read all the text :( I can't resist a good scientific read! Yay for Mac time!! Congrats to your bro, but boy I do NOT miss having that viva. I was robbed!! Oh well, :P to them, I went on to do greater things :D

  4. oh, and bug bug bug cu-chh cu-chh cu-chh cu-chh cu-chh cu-chh

    (that is me bugging you with an entirely true-to-life authentic rendition of the sound an SLR makes when it takes a picture)

  5. @Simon: I think I actually prefer the jam wagon wheels. Yum! Thanks, if you really fancied a look/read, I did put a link to a PDF of the poster when I first start talking about it above, but I don't blame you if not. Yeh, viva's are nightmares!! My brother managed to squeeze a 2:1 out after having one. Indeed, you did go on to do bigger and better things but I understand, it still stings lol. Cheers for the bug (and the explanation haha)! :D