29 September 2009

DIY Face Mask Recipe Cards & Labels

If you've had a good old peruse around my blog, you'll know I'm training to be a girl guide (or girl scout, for any American readers) leader and recently had to plan a themed evening for the girls; a Girls Night In.

We had various different stations, including DIY face masks and lipgloss. I decided to put together some labels (for the pots of DIY face masks I'd made at home, the night before) and some take-away recipe cards for the different flavours; Honey & Oatmeal, Cucumber, Peach and Strawberry.

So, I thought I'd share them with you all:

You can download PDF copies of the labels and the recipe cards.

I simply attached the labels to cocktail or kebab sticks to sit in the face masks themselves like umbrellas, which is why they are double sided. You could also print singlesided versions onto adhesive labels and stick them onto containers. Enjoy!


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