08 September 2009


It seems I have to write these apologetic I'm-sorry-I've-not-blogged-for-ages posts all the time but here's another. Yup, I've been M.I.A for a little while, mainly because I haven't had anything interesting to say but also because I've been rather busy of course. There's not a great deal to update you on and I don't really have the energy to recall it all now, so I shall just continue as if all is well. Sound good? Good.

Alright, I shall return to the topic slightly. I think I need something of worth to blog about because -- and I'm not hoping for a string serenade here -- my life is really not 'of worth' when it comes to blogging. I tried this website called Plinky, which offers you questions/topics, supposedly for you to blog about, but they are rather ridiculous questions/topics, if you ask me. So how does one go about being inspired on blog topics? How does one stay motivated and fresh when it comes to blogging?

The whole Book Club I was hoping to partake in and the Book Review portion here, didn't really come to fruition as I am just too busy these days, my mind is rather preoccupied by other things!

OK, OK, so I'll give you a little update.
  • R and his housemates have started a band for which R is the drummer and I may or may not be the singer (it's undecided)
  • I want to teach myself the guitar (I might be getting a second hand-me-down guitar)
  • In 2 weeks time, I officially start the 3rd and final year of my PhD
  • I am addicted to Florence And The Machine's album, Lungs
  • This year marks the centenary (100 years) of GirlGuiding, for which the celebration launch party was the weekend just gone
  • I want to learn to make my own jewellery and sew my own clothes (yup, a sewing machine would be required)
  • I watched District 9 last night = weird
  • A bunch of friends and I have started a 'Film Club', which I may or may not keep you posted on :P
  • I went to Glasgow for PhD purposes and was sure all academics there thought I was actually an r-tard
  • I narrowly missed out on the chance to go to South Africa as part of my PhD this week. Nice, just bloomin' wonderful.
  • I need to find a nice dress to attend R's cousin's wedding next month
  • In roughly 18 weeks, I should be an auntie!
Well, that should do. Toodles!

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